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>> >> a powerful outside compliance director is now set
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to oversee the oakland police department. >> reporter: this story dates back to 2000 when 119 citizens sued the oakland police department accusing police officers for making false arrests and planting phony evidence between 1996 and 2000. three years later, a settlement was reached, calling for 51 reforms of the police department. the plaintiffs then claimed the reforms weren't being met fast enough. so they sought a federal receiver to oversee the police department. last week, all sides agreed to instead appoint a compliance director to oversee the reforms. the city of oakland released a statement on the judge's approval of bringing in a compliance director saying "with this signed order, we look forward to continued and enhanced collaboration with the court." an attorney who pushed hard for a compliance director
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says he's pleased. he says this allows the federal judge to have more control over the police department. the compliance director will have the power to demote or fire the police chief. this person will also set an action plan for carrying out several reforms, are including the reduction of incidents of unnecessary force and racial profiling, and improving investigations of citizen complaints. the attorney says the difference between federal receivership and a compliance director is that a receiver could hire and fire anyone. in this case, the director's powers to impose discipline is limited to command staff of the police department. the compliance director also can't spend money as freely as a receiver. the director will have to get approval from a judge to spend money. >> reporter: both sides meaning the city of oakland and the attorneys representing the citizen of the original lawsuit have been ordered by the judge to submit their recommendations for candidates for the position by december 21st.
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new information regarding the suspect accused in a case that the district attorney calls brutal. two victims found bound and gagged on a san francisco street. the judge did not want the face of the suspects shown. but jr stone has the details on what happened in the case in court today. >> not guilty. >> not guilty , sir. >> not guilty. >> reporter: three suspects in this bound and gagged murder case all pled not guilty in court wednesday. that includes vincent bel, heather leach, and montrel brackins. but that may be just the beginning. >> i have to look at the evident, the investigation continues to see if i will ask to amend to add murder charges as to her as well. >> reporter: authorities is believe the suspects in this case went to the victim's house
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in san francisco looking to kill. according to the da, the male victim who died was bound then shot in the neck. the female victim was gagged with a sock, then her ankles and hands were hog-tied. >> reporter: the district attorney is still trying to figure it out >> they were dumped on the street. whether they were trying to send a message to someone else, it's early in the investigation. governor jerry brown is undergoing treatment for prostate cancer. it was caught early. >> reporter: the governor's office says governor jerry brown is undergoing treatment for localized prostate cancer. he is still working a full schedule
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during the treatment which is kidnap expected to be -- expected to be completed by the first week of january. there are not expected to be any significant side effects. governor brown is a lifestyle politician having also served as california secretary of state and attorney general. he was also the mayor of oakland for nearly air decade. if he becomes -- nearly a decade. lieutenant govern gavin newsom would step in as acting governor if he becomes too ill. the surviving rate for localized prostate cancer is more than knife%. -- more than 95%. the homicide rate in san jose is the highest it has been for years. this afternoon a woman's body was discovered lying on city streets.
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police are investigating the city's 44th homicide that happened late yesterday afternoon. a 16-year-old was shot and killed outside a crashed car. there is concern that the recent spike in crime is the result of the police department being understaffed. >> staffing of the san jose police department is the lowest that it's ever been. and there are fewer officers to patrol in the city that is the 10th largest in the united states. the folks out there intent on committing crime, they hear all this! and i think they get emboldened, and there's a sort of bradenness that some of them are -- brazenness that some of them are committing these crimes in daylight. >> they are actively searching for new police officers and a police chief. it's a good idea for neighbor to be get to know one another and report anything suspicious. a multimillion dollar contract surrounding the promotion of the construction of the new eastern span of the bay bridge has been canceled. state officials agreed to pay nearly
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$10 million to a san francisco-based public relations firm to conduct tours and provide a video and commemorative book about the bridge work. the multimillion dollar contract was approved by the state department of general services in september. the contract has since been canceled after it came to light to local journalists. the rain has pretty much tapered off. it's possible that we could see a few showers near the coastline. one just moved through over the santa cruz mountains. but mostly it's going to stay clear out there tonight and stay cold. our current temperatures already into the 30s in santa rosa and novato, 39 in napa, 36 in fair fairfield. 30s even some 20s and areas of frost. give yourself some extra time out the door tomorrow morning. cool tomorrow, but dry.
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it's like something out of a movie. a san francisco police officer reportedly filmed his own high-speed joyride in a car through city streets. plus a closer look at the suspect and his life events leading up to the deadly mall shooting near portland. >> and high tides leaving a mess along some of the bay area shorelineup.
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a san francisco police officer reportedly goes on a i high-speed joyride, allegedly drunk on city street, and films the entire thing. more of this dramatic video and the trouble that officer faces. >> reporter: this is really some shocking video when you watch it. and now it's not one san francisco police officer in hot water. it's not the type of facebook post you see every day, especially because it was posted
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on a san francisco police officer's facebook site! the post that has since been removed was put up on september 9th of this year. in the headline "broadway tunnel, 100 miles an hour, in a lambo." the video shows the driver slamming on the gas from a dead stop on the russian hillside of the bridge. then he tears through the middle of the tunnel, empty at the time. there were several comments on the post, one of them he says "it's roomier than you think. we were all drunk." and i checked with the san francisco police department. all they told me is that he is indeed an employee and that the incident is under investigation. we are in for a cold one tonight. temperatures are already in the 30s and they're going to be in the 30s nearly
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so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life. dispatch recordings from last night's shooting in oregon were released today. >> the suspect was here. i've got multiple shell casings, another unknown victim east of these. >> in the macy's, the gun
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jammed, and there's a mag out here fully loaded. he fired about 10-15 rounds out here and then the gun jammed on him. >> that was video from a shopper caught in the shooting. the shooting left three people dead including the gunman, identified as jacob tyler roberts. the sheriff says that roberts appeared to have acted alone. no motive has been identified. people who know jacob say they're stunned he did this. he is described by them as a person who was very loved, popular and outgoing. he recently stole an ar-15 assault rifle from an acquaintance used in this incident. his former girlfriend told abc he recently sold all of his belongings and was planning to move to hawaii. but he missed his flight last weekend because he got drunk. today a friend of the suspect's family gave a portland television station a hand-written note that says in
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part "she is very sad and wants everyone to know that she is so sorry that jake did this. it is so out of his character." the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar was back in court today. torres once again entered no formal plea to charms that he murdered the -- charges that he murdered the teenager in march. he has been held without bail since may. he faces new charges in connection with the attempted kidnapping of several other women prior to lamar's disappearance. prosecutors plan to try him on all of the charges together. transportation officials say the plane carrying mexican american singer jenny rivera went into a nose-dive at almost a 45-degree angle before it hit the ground. a transportation official says the plane plunged almost vertically for more than 28,000 feet and hit the ground
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at more than 600 miles an hour. six others were on board the jet which crashed on sunday. the national transportation safety board is assisting the mexican government in the investigation have gone the crash. officials say hugo chavez may not be well enough to return in time for his inauguration. the ceremony set to take place january 10th. this is his 4th cancer-related operation in cuba in a year and a half. high tides called "king tides" for causing trouble for bay area drivers. while it may be an impressive sight in some areas, some drivers were left with a wet mess as this parking lot was flooded by the tide and
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made problems for them. the mill valley simpson beach exit was closed because of flooding. the flooding could get worse. the largest tide is set to watch ashore thursday morning. we are in for some very cold temperatures throughout overnight hours. current condition, 37 in novato, 36 in santa rosa, 36 in fairfield. temperatures already heading toward that freezing mark. our current visibility, not bad. some reduced visibility in santa rose a. fog formation is possible through the overnight hours. as we look ahead to tomorrow, cold and frosty. in the afternoon temperatures not warming all that much. in the low 50s. friday, another storm set to impact the bay area in the afternoon. a lull saturday
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morning before rain returns saturday night. the spotty cloud pattern, shotty showers remaining offshore at this hour. we could see a few wayward showers around the coastline. but mostly dry and clear in the wake of this cold storm. well offshore another storm that is set to impact us for friday. one dry day but chilly. the low temperatures tomorrow morning, 30 in santa rosa, 29 in nap a30 in fairfield, freezing in livermore, and 30 in pleasanton. all locations are likely to see frost. and frosty windshields pretty much everywhere else. 38 in fremont, san jose. give give yourself an extra 5-10 minutes tomorrow morning if your car is parked outside. into the afternoon, temperatures not warming up all that much. keep the jacket handy through the
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day. low 50s through the bay area tomorrow. 52 in san francisco, 50 in san rafael, 53 for vallejo, and 54 in san jose. the sierra, lingering flurries this morning. improving conditions into the afternoon. friday and saturday, mainly dry with snow approaching late saturday night. your extended forecast, a very cold morning tomorrow. frosty conditions, dry conditions through much of the day. into friday, rain looks like it's going to return into the afternoon. a storm again moves in saturday into sunday morning and then monday into tuesday. we have a very active pattern. the biggest parties and spectacular fireworks will all be on kron4's new year's live
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show! kron4's new year's live at 11:30 on kron4! well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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if you doubted the warriors' early season start, bite on what they did in miami tonight! lebron james and the
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heat, they couldn't stop david lee! he's had at least 20 points and 10 rebounds in five straight games. lebron is going down hard! he gets right up, stays in the game. 4th quarter, now he starts to take over. on his way to 31 points. nba best 25th straight game with 20 or more for james. the warriors lead. they had 7 throughout most of the game. look at jarret jack to thompson. jack may be the best player on the floor tonight to tie the game at 91! 20 points off the bench. 95-all, they draw up a play, and drawmond green is underneath all alone to win it! the rookie from michigan state puts in the winning dues. james has one
11:26 pm
last crack, but no! 97-95, warriors now 5-0 on this road trip. they're now 15-7, beat the world champs tonight. >> something about this team that just refuses to quit. we're going to battle, we're going to compete, and we played against two guys that will go down as all-time greats. for us to come out of here and grind out a victory against the champs is special >> we didn't do much. this is just one game. and we got to know that we're one of those teams that we feel we belong. >> sure it's early december, burwouldn't it be something if the warriors -- but wouldn't it be something if the warriors could keep this up? tremendous win tonight. off tomorrow to orlando and then atlanta. the 49ers versus new england, tom brady. >> it's a lot of challenges. i know all the
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guys have been preparing hard the last 24 hours. we're going to have to continue it all wait through sunday night. >> the only superstar in the nfl whose wife makes more money. [ laughter ] >> there he is. and gronkowski probably is not going to play. he broke his arm four weeks ago. there was talk that he might start practicing and be ready for the 49ers. they say don't count on it. we've been researching this story all evening. we bring in jacqueline for any on the great young ms. nordigan. you broke it earlier that possibly douglas murray of the sharks who has time to romance with the lockout, is this anymore you can add? >> well, the actual story seemed like it was just a bunch of friends going out together, probably trying to make more of it than it really is.
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>> she's moving into a new 25,000-square foot house. and there's always room for hockey. [ laughter ] >> didn't we have him on the show and he said he lived in an apartment? >> that's right! that's right. so that would be an upgrade. if indeed it's true. i hope the kids are happy. in the true spirit of local news, let's feature a stuffed bra and extremely padded rear-end. this is caroline making, you know, folly of venus williams. >> serena. >> i keep saying venus. if you know it's funny, fine, but what goddia, you don't pick on that. you won't take my life.
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you won't take our future. aids affects us all. even babies. chevron is working to stop mother-to-child transmission. our employees and their families are part of the fight. and we're winning. at chevron nigeria, we haven't had a reported case in 12 years.

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